For the Young at Heart

More photos of my children... here!
This photo was recently used in an advertisement for
Jim Nikolas Studios in the Waverly Community House Calender.
They are my official software/webpage testers.

Eleni is a wonderful artist and has won several awards. She hopes to work someday for Disney, animating feature films. Sean, when not browsing the web loves to read "Goosebumps". He plays on either becoming a paleontologist or work as a computer programmer for Sega. Ian loves trains, and riding his bike. He loves to joke around and is quite the actor. He wants to become a doctor or a fireman. Evan is in pre-school. He and ian are being home-school this semester. He loves to ride around on his motorized dump truck and tries to run his brothers and sister over. He's learning to write very well. And as you can see - "It's picnic time..."

The Animated icons above are from Kristy's Creations, this is her new web site. Great for kids!
Check out these links to places my children often go to: