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June 2, 1997

June 5, 1997

After sesta... It was time for a hike into the jungle. We jumped into our canoe and went down the river for about an hour where the highlands are located. Along the way, we saw the giant water lilies in a secluded cove. They were beginning to fade since it was at the end of their season but they were still impressive in size and beautiful.

When we arrived at the highlands, we hiked up the cliff and through a fazenda (farm) where they were growing manioca (the most important staple in their diet) and followed a small path into the jungle. We were told, "following paths is good, no path = NOT good". Well... here comes one of my EMBARRASSING stories that my children love so much... we are hiking along and our guide is showing us all the different vegetation. Our focus is in the trees because that is where a lot of danger lies... jaguar, cobra, etc., when I see a monkey in the lower branches of a tree close by (the monkeys just loved me). I yell, "LOOK!" (in portuguese) and as very everyone turns to see what I am pointing at (while I continue to walk along not paying any attention) I trip over a huge log and fall face first to the ground. Naturally, I scared the monkey away. But to make it worse, all they witnessed was me yelling as I took a swan dive. Boy, did I feel silly. I'm not sure they believed me when I told them I saw a monkey but.. the moral of the story is: in the jungle, it is important to stay equally focused on tree and ground.

June 6, 1997

The alligators are really quite shy this time of year and all those stories you've heard about Piranha are just NOT true (most of the time). In the Estacao da Seca, the dry season, the water levels fall drastically and this massive body of water is nothing but a small river. The alligators line the bank during this time and the piranha ARE hungry. Piranha won't attack unless they smell blood but the alligators are always looking for a tasty morsel.

This (not so) little monkey followed me all over the pousada. He gets quite frisky when he thinks you might have some treats. This is a small sample of the giant lilies. They get quite big. The fish love to hang around these areas so do the alligators.

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