Schnell Kids

Here's my children. The lower photo was taken at the Baltimore harbor on our vacation two years ago. We loved it! Everyone wanted to push their brother Evan around in his stroller and of course, he was quite pleased to stay there. The Science Center was great. The other photo was taken at my graduation at the University of Scranton. The children are with their nanny Stacy whom we all couldn't have lived without. She cared for them the entire time that I went through school. She was like a second mom. We love you Stacy! Stacy is now engaged and lives with her fiancee in New York City where she also is attending graduate school at Pace.

We lived in a rural area of Pennsylvania. In fact, we had to turn the street light on at night! Federal Express knew us by name since we had no house number... Quite different from growing up in Los Angeles, and living in Seattle and Albuquerque.

I've lived in every time zone in the Continental U.S. and seen every state except North Dakota. I used to travel the U.S. as a children's photographer. Sorry N.D. residents. I've been to South Dakota and loved the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore too.

Click this button to check out some cool kids art from my daughter Eleni's class! They each wrote poetry to go with their picture. Each picture portrays an emotion. See if you can figure them out. This was a class I taught for Mrs. Schoelgel's Fourth Grade Class at the Waverly School.

Click Here to check out the homepage that my 10-year-old son Sean is working on! He did it all by himself. It's still under construction. We're working on the cgi together.

Here is more information about my family.

Here are photos of my nephews!

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