Three Sisters

Ivanna, Francesca, and I
Finally united again... in New Mexico

Thanksgiving 1999 completes two years in New Mexico for me and my family. The photos that line this page illustrate this time for us. These pages are a photo diary of the lives of three sisters reunited in the Southwest, their families, friends and paths they took.

Some of these photos are from in and around the Jemez Mountains as well as my backpacking trip with Jon to Yosemite. Jon and I hiked to Yosemite Point above the upper and lower Yosemite Falls in October '98. This trail rises 3000 feet in elevation over 3.1 miles! Below is a press photo of Eleni in her recent role as Papa Bear in "The Trial of Goldilocks." Also, I have photos of ALL the Peterson/Peterson Schnell/Peterson Austell children after Francesca's wedding. Congratulations Francesca and David! It seems that 1999 was a turning point for of all us: Ivanna, Francesca and myself as we head down new paths.

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The whole gang at Bandelier Ian in the Jemez Sean in Bandelier
Eleni, Evan and Kristina in the Jemez All the ladies of the family
My gang and I on a hike Eleni as Papa Bear in a play
All of the Peterson, Peterson-Schnell and Peterson Austell Kids The kiddos at my mom's house

Jon on the trail Me on the trail
Happy because we're on our way down! The top two photos were taken at the half-way mark on the trail. You can see Half Dome in the distance. The bottom photo was near the overview at the top of the Lower Yosemite Falls, only 2/3 the way up.


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