Maysa - Maria Peterson

Software Engineer;
Minstrels and Muses Press
120 Sierra Vista Dr.
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544

I attended University of Scranton and received a M.S. in Software Engineering. I also have a B.S. degree in Computer Science, and a B.A. degree in Economics. I now work for Los Alamos National Lab as a Software Engineer in the Scientific Software Engineering Group and am the Team Leader for the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) under the Chief Information Officer (CIO)I also manage a team of software engineers who provide software process engineering, software assessments and software engineering support. I work on the the Quality Assurance Working Group and lead the Software Quality Assurance Subcommittee for the lab.

Previously I was an instructor at the University of Central Florida while working on a Ph.D degree in computer science. I left graduate school for a position at LANL. During Graduate school I was also a Technical Graduate Assistant and worked in the Desktop and Multimedia Services department at the University of Scranton. I also was one of the gang at the Internet Cafe - now scattered to the wind as big business crushed small ISPs in the Scranton area. I also had my own desktop publishing company.

As a systems programming for Unisys (Burroughs Corp) at the Devon Engineering Facility, I worked on Burroughs Network Architecture and it's re-engineering to version II in conformance with the OSI Refrerence Model. I worked with bitnet, telnet, tymnet, and arpanet - the precursor to the internet now. I also worked on the Network Control Facility component of that architecture and it's Permanance Analysis Package. After the product went to market I worked out of the Business Machines Group in Salt Lake City as the Western Regional Networking Support Representative. Some of the major accounts I worked on included: the state of Washington, Family Services Division, the state of California, Board of Equalization, University of Washington Hospital Systems, First Interstate Bank of Idaho, First Interstate Bank of Nevada, and Norwest Financial Services. The first two accounts were the largest competitive replacements at the time and I was responsible for their network architecture. They are mentioned in the 1986 Unisys Annual Report and received corporate-wide recognition. I taught a course in Computer Network Architecutes at Villanova University with my associate Harold. (Alot of fun) I enjoy teaching.

This page kept students informed on class assignments, schedules, and tests for my Pascal students when I was at UCF.

I have four children ages 9 to 16, and am the Editor and Publisher of Minstrels and Muses Press. I partnered in a small business - Internet Café Web Development Group for web page development and web site hosting. I participate regularly in my childrens classes. We love it here in New Mexico. The mountains, forests, high desert are beautiful. Together, we hike all over the place and enjoy the skiing.

I also enjoy backpacking, racquetball, soccer, and am a certified open water diver. I love to read philosophy, anthropology, mystery and science fiction. I've had over 282 poems, short-stories, articles published in the small literature press. I like to draw, play violin and sing my lungs out. I like dancing in the summer rain, warm humid nights in Mexico after a diving trip, spicy food - Thai, Spanish, Mexican, and of course, BRAZILIAN! (I'm Brazilian-American: Otimo!) Eu falo portugues e ingles. Minha familia e da Bahia.

I like to visit museums, scream on thrill rides, travel, and teach art and science in my children's classrooms, be silly - "a little silliness now and then is welcome by the wisest men" - Willy Wonka. I love a good movie (romantic comedies are my favorite), foreign films, unknown homegrown bands, rock 'n' roll, meeting new people and trying new things. AND I dive the web, not surf it! Check out some of my links. Most recently, I completed two marathons. One in training: The Gemini Run with my running partner Christina Scovel, and the Tuscon Marathon.

I'm just starting training again for my next marathon (or two) and have a new marathon training group. Some are planning to run Grandma's Marathon in Duluth MN on June 21, 2003, some will be running the inaugural Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on January 11, 2004 and some BOTH! Road Rats training info is posted."

As a post-graduate student, I was taxed to the limit! But... I always create more to do in a day than time allows. Still, I found time for web development along with my studying. My Research interests in computing are in software engineering and the application of genetic algorithms toward solving the complexity problems of large-scale software projects, object-oriented design and reuse, design patterns and frameworks, software requirement management and program validation. I also am interested in several areas of artificial intelligence including natural language processing, robotics, machine learning, knowledge systems, pattern recognition and, of course, genetic algorithms and methods. In addition, I am interested in real-time and embedded systems engineering, modeling and simulation, graphical user interfaces and graphical design.

After graduation in May 1997, I went to Brasil ALL ALONE for five weeks to visit my family there. I took a trip up the Amazon (where my mother was born). All of you living in Florida think its hot and humid... I was just 3 degrees south of the Equator! I spent about 7-10 days in the jungle (na selva) in a remote jungle lodge about 300km northeast of Manaus. I couldn't go to the state of Acre where my grandparents were born, too dangerous alone. poo! Then I was off to Belem to visit the great seaport and marketplace, Forteleza where my great-grandfather was born and then to Salvador. I stayed with family from all over Brazil. I ended my trip in Rio with my uncle. I kept a photo journal of my trip. You can read all about it. It's continuously under construction.

Check out this cool photo of a Lodge in the Amazon.
I stayed at the peak of the high water season.
The sounds of the jungle are amazing. I had a little monkey friend. No electricity, candle light.
No hot water, cool. A simple ceiling fan, a hammock, and authentic food - piranha soup!

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